Q & A


Challenge Participation
 1. How to participate?

Students must be:

• Enrolled at any school of higher education (Hospitality Management school, Business school, University, Design School, etc.).

• Aged between 18 and 30 years old at registration

• Registered in one team of two or three participants from the same location, country

• In possession of a valid email address

Students cannot be:

• Employees, apprentices, trainees and/or interns working in the ibis Family brands teams

• Participation in the Contest is subject to each team’s online acceptation of the present Accor Student Challenge Official Rules.

 2. Which language will be used during the competition?

English is the official and only language of the student challenge. Thus, all students are expected to be comfortable in English to pitch their projects. Your project will not be considered if submitted in another language.

 3. Who can I contact if I have any question ?

You can contact us directly sending an email to students@accor.com. We will revert to you as soon as possible.

Team Composition
 1. Can I register under several teams?

No, you can only register under one team.

 2. Can I participate with four members in my team? / Can I participate alone?

No, you need to be 2 or 3 students per team, not less, not more.

 3. Can I participate if I am an intern/apprentice at Accor?

Yes, you can participate, but only if you are not apprentice, trainee and/or intern in the ibis Family brands teams.

 4. Can I participate if I am not a student anymore?

No, you have to be a current student to enter the challenge.

Project Submissions
 1. What is the 2024 theme? 

The 2024 theme is “Imagine the future of Social Connection for ibis Family by developing a CSR campaign aimed at engaging a new generation of guests!”

 2. Can I submit more than one project per team?

No, you can only submit one project per team.

 3. Can I change my project after submission on the website and validation?

Yes, you can change your project during the inscription period from March 7th, but once your project has been validated On April 8th, you will not be able to change it.

 4. Can I cancel my participation?

Yes, you can cancel your participation by sending us a message through the platform.

 5. What is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register is April 7th at midnight (GMT +1)Any project submitted after this deadline will not be considered for the competition. 

 6. Am I allowed to film my video in a hotel?

Of course, you can film your video wherever you feel your project will be well represented. If you decide to film your video in a hotel, please ensure that the venue has given you their consent and that you are not distracting their operations. 

 7. Can I post my project on social media? 

Yes! You can share about your project on social media to advertise it as well as Take Off! This will not impact the selection between the different projects. When posting, you can use the hashtag #TakeOff2024.

Final & Prizes
 1. What can I win?

You can win an amazing holiday with Accor and a workshop at the Paris HQ!
The winning team will come to Paris for a 3-4 days trip, including economy return flights or train and package at a hotel within Accor (4* or 5*). You will come to HQ for one day and meet Accor Heartists®!

 2. How is the final 2024 organized?

The final of Take Off2024 will be online. Teams will present through Webex/Zoom/Teams from an Accor venue in their city if possible, or from their home/school.